Saturday, December 13, 2008

"The Cupcake Place" (Common Ground Coffee & Cupcakes)

I've stopped in many times w/ the kiddos since this place opened. Not because I'm craving the cupcakes but because it's a nice kid-friendly place to get a treat. The toys aren't anything to 'write home about' save for their two rocking horses- one big and one small- which are just perfect for my 4.5 and 1.5 year old kids. I've actually managed to have a one hour conversation w/ a friend there thanks to those rocking horses!

The cupcakes are much better than what I'd make at home but I don't find myself dreaming about them. Of course I still love to eat them-LOL! I like to get a mini-cupcake for $1 because I don't feel quite so guilty eating something so unhealthy. I also get a mini one for the kids, who, inevitably just eat the frosting. They have Cafe Vida coffee, which I've found it to be prepared ok. For the kid-friendly aspects alone, this place is worth going to. The owner is friendly and always seems happy to see us and genuinely seems happy to see the kids, too.

kispot rating: 2.0

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